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Saturday, May 18, 2013

A 'What's on My Nightstand?' Post

Another list, but of another sort:

1. I have been dipping into Large Family Logistics, by Kim Brenneman. I disagree with some of the biblical justification she offers for what she recommends, and with a certain few of her specific recommendations, but on the whole the book has proven to be helpful to me. I do not intend to read it straight through from cover to cover, but I have already implemented a few of her suggestions and been benefitted by them. I would recommend the book to mothers, regardless of the size of their families.

2. I have begun, and have not even completed the first chapter yet, Far As the Curse Is Found, by Michael D. Williams. I love this book! I would highly recommend it to every Christian reader. It is Biblical Theology, like Vos's, but more accessible to the lay reader. This first part of the book has excited me about our Savior God. If the rest of the book is even half as good it will be fabulous.

3. I have undertaken to work my way through The Well-Educated Mind, by Susan Wise Bauer, with  my niece. It will take me several years, of course, to work my way all the way through it and the lists of books it contains, but I believe it will be of value to me. I would recommend this book to anyone not currently in school who would like to enhance their education.


  1. and what is on MY nightstand?
    Nothing that I would like to be there because the boy removes things to remote parts of the house. Cough drop wrappers and whatever other small bits the boy thinks belong there.

    Seriously, though, I have enjoyed your blog updates!

    Me :-)

  2. I did put 'What's on my nightstand?' in quotes in part because I don't even own a nightstand. That was meant to be blog-speak for what I'm working on. My Boy removes bookmarks. He is intent on bringing to me anything he sees lying around which he thinks belongs with me (he's constantly bringing me my phone, for instance, even if he has to do violence to the cord to get it to me).

    Me (that was cute; you're much on my mind, even though I haven't responded to your last e-mail)

    1. My nightstand is a thing that we mounted on the wall because I didn't want a real one that took up floor space. It was pointless, though... As I have said, it has no REAL function. My boy likes to remove bookmarks, too! Anything that I am REALLY trying to read *cough Faerie Queen* I keep way up high so I don't lose my place.

    2. How is your reading of Faerie Queen coming along? I read an updated version of the first book of Faerie Queen a long time ago and loved it. I have long wanted to read the entirety, but have yet to do so.