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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Dorothea Kit-Kat

Dorothy is my second favorite cat in the world. Loki is my first of course. She is a grey tabby cat with gorgeous golden eyes. She loves to chew people's hair which I think is adorable. It feels nice. She is not the type who likes to lie down and purr all day the way Loki does. She likes to chase string or balls but I love her all the same.

PS. I forgot to tell you that she has five claws on one foot and four on the other.
PPS. This is NOT a deformity. It just shows her individuality. 
PPPS. Her personality is bouncy like this color.
PPPPS. You might have noticed that I assigned each cat a color. :)

My Loki Boy

Loki is, beyond competition, the cutest cat in the world. He has a black face mask, a pink spot on his chin and an overall greyish color. I forgot to mention the pure white stockings on his legs. I pity you folks because most of y'all have never seen him and most of y'all never will. Sadly I don't know how to post pictures on this blog because otherwise I would. Not only his looks but his personality recommend him. He is the sweetest, gentlest, snuggliest, most purrfect cat ever. I Love him so much.

PS. I got to name him and the name suits him even though he isn't in the least sneaky or malevolent.
PPS. He is absolutely adorable.
PPPS. His personality is warm like this color.