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Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Indian in the Cupboard

I recently finished a book called The Indian in the Cupboard. It is about a boy named Omri who gets a toy Indian for his birthday which he doesn't want. His brother, Gillon, gave him a cabinet he found in the alley and his mother had the key to fit the lock. During the night he wakes up to a sound coming from the Indian whom he had locked up before he went to sleep. But how could the Indian make any noise? Was it alive? Then, his friend, Patrick, makes a cowboy named Boone into a human. Trouble ensues because the Indian and the cowboy are constantly at odds.

Weekly Mad Libs: Alexander The Great

In 336 B.C., Phillip of Macedonia, the ruler of a province in northern Greece, became the father of a bouncing university named Alexander. Alexander's teacher was Aristotle, the famous fence. When he was 20 years old, his father was murdered by Socrates, after which he became Notebook of all Macedonia. In 334 he invaded Persia and defeated Paul Revere at the battle of Pet Smart. Later, at Arbela, he won his most important victory over Darius, the third. This made him restaurant sunka-bunka over all Persians. Then he marched to India, and many of his mosquitoes died. After that Alexander began drinking too much apple juice and at the age of 33 he died of an infection in the nose. His last words were, "There are no more shoes to conquer."

My Little Kit Kat

My kitten Boadicea had a habit of climbing into the dryer. On the twenty fourth the dryer was started with her in it. We had gone to a bible study and when we got back we couldn't find her anywhere. When daddy opened the dryer to get some clothes he saw Boa mangled up in the laundry. She was dead. We buried her the day after that. We decorated her grave with flowers and leaves and slices of pears. It is quite beautiful there. She had been an indoor cat all of her short but happy life. Now she is always outside. I might as well tell you all about her as a memory. She was a beautiful dark tabby color with green eyes. She had such a knowing expression whenever she would look at you. She was very brave the first day we had her; always ready to hiss at the dog if she came to close. After a while she never hissed at any of us. She was very friendly and would come and sit in my lap with a beautiful purring sound which never stopped. She got over the mouthy stage very quickly and never nipped me at all. Maybe that is because I never played games with her if she was being particularly mouthy. We all loved her very much.

Monday, September 14, 2015



This is the Giggling Gull's daughter, Miki. My mother is allowing me to post on her blog since she is not using it anymore. I hope I will give a weekly Mad Libs post which, hopefully, will be funny. For example:
  Fellow students of the Sky Valley Education Center! We members of the students for a mysterious society are meeting here to decide what action to take about the Dean of Dogs. He has just fired our friend, Professor Beatrix, because he wore his arm long, and because he dressed in shorts and wore old fireworks. Next week we are going to protest by taking over the horse building and kidnapping the assistant Water. We also will demand that all students have the right to wear hard hair and bouncy beards. Remember our slogan: "Down with subs." 
I hope to post about many things such as: Books, dogs, Abigail's schoolwork, funny stories (I might make one up now and then.) And, obviously, Mad Libs. I also hope that you will give me some recommendations as to what I should write of. I forgot to mention the occasional pic.