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Monday, September 14, 2015



This is the Giggling Gull's daughter, Miki. My mother is allowing me to post on her blog since she is not using it anymore. I hope I will give a weekly Mad Libs post which, hopefully, will be funny. For example:
  Fellow students of the Sky Valley Education Center! We members of the students for a mysterious society are meeting here to decide what action to take about the Dean of Dogs. He has just fired our friend, Professor Beatrix, because he wore his arm long, and because he dressed in shorts and wore old fireworks. Next week we are going to protest by taking over the horse building and kidnapping the assistant Water. We also will demand that all students have the right to wear hard hair and bouncy beards. Remember our slogan: "Down with subs." 
I hope to post about many things such as: Books, dogs, Abigail's schoolwork, funny stories (I might make one up now and then.) And, obviously, Mad Libs. I also hope that you will give me some recommendations as to what I should write of. I forgot to mention the occasional pic.


  1. I never thought you would start a blog.

    The Booker Guy

  2. Neither did I and now I don't know what to write about.

    1. Books baby brothers and random every day thing and special events.

      The Booker Guy

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