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Saturday, February 11, 2012

On Going Two Weeks without Blogging about a Book

I wanted to check in, because it has now been two weeks since I blogged. Perhaps you were wondering where I've been (I'm snickering to myself as I write that). Or perhaps you've been relieved that I haven't been burdening you with even more senseless lists.

We had an extraordinarily busy week (for us), beginning with human company, a visit from the stomach bug, more human company, an unexpected date WITH my husband but WITHOUT my children (first time in many months), an infant trying (unsuccessfully so far) to break his first two teeth and who suddenly discovered that rolling over could in fact move him places, and ending with a Saturday Church event for which I had to prepare.

So maybe sometime this next week I'll actually get around to reading something, and to writing about it.


  1. My blogging has tailed off significantly lately as well.. but not for nearly as interesting reasons as you've had (okay, well maybe the stomach bug isn't so interesting).

  2. I missed your book lists, Marijo. I enjoy reading your reviews. As an avid book reader, I enjoy hearing about new books.

  3. Deb, is it possible to subscribe to your blog via e-mail? I tried with RSS, but to tell you the truth, I don't know how to read RSS.

    Vanessa, thank you. I'm hoping to blog again today and tomorrow. I'm currently four books behind.

  4. How sweet! I think there is a way, but honestly, I'm not sure how it's done. I know WP tells me that some people are subscribed. I've always done RSS feeds so that's what I know. I'm so technically challenged. I'll ask around.

  5. I figured it out. I needed to add the "follow" button. I've put it on my sidebar. I don't know how the others did it...but I'm not all that blog savvy either.

  6. Deb thanks. I'll be following you now.