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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 Plans

For most of 2013 I seriously considered giving up my blog. I simply did not seem to have the time to blog, and did not see how I was to carve out that time. A couple weeks ago I had a lengthy conversation with my husband. During the conversation I realized when I could blog. Now I have high hopes of returning to a 'normal' blogging schedule in 2014.

A couple years ago I finally decided to read both The Encyclopedia Britannica Great Books series, and The Harvard Classics. For a long time I had been torn between those two series, until I realized I didn't have to choose, I could read both. I began that journey around the time I began blogging. But, what with having a baby, moving, and moving, and moving again, I somehow set aside that personal challenge. Now I am ready to resume reading both series. If I were more blog-savvy, I would make a button and invite readers and other bloggers to join me in reading these series. As it is, I ask you to consider this your invitation to join me.

I don't really have other plans for 2014 that pertain to my blog. I will continue my normal life, raising and educating my children, growing the baby in my womb, and reading as my whimsey takes me.


  1. Whee! These days I am happy if I get to read at all, but I know as my smallest gets bigger that will change.

  2. I always found those early nursing days to be full of time to read. However, I think most of the reading I did when I was nursing my second child was reading out loud to my first child.