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Friday, April 20, 2012

An Attempt to Return to Blogging

Life changes. Serendipitously the idea of blogging coincided with an immobilizing pregnancy and so I began to blog. But that baby has been born and has now reached the stage at which he requires constant supervision. Just this week he began pulling himself into a standing position and crawling up the stairs. One inattentive moment at the wrong time can mean disaster for a curious but incautious explorer, and his loving but grievously inattentive mother. Thus, what with the changes in our normal daily, and rather a lot of out-of-town company lately, I have stopped blogging. Not, I hope, permanently, but clearly for the last several weeks.

And so, here I sit at the computer, hoping and attempting to resurrect a pleasurable pastime. These changing circumstances which have conspired to keep me from blogging have merely slowed down my reading, they have not stopped it, and as a result I am several books behind as I am several weeks behind. Thankfully my oldest is proving to be a splendid and reliable 'babysitter' for me. She is caring for the little man as I type.

Once more into the breach!

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  1. I'm glad you're back! Although I love being a mom, the two things I miss is sleep and being able to read whenever I want. Well, ok, when I didn't have children I worked full-time, but I still had an unbelievable amount of free time. Nevertheless, having my children is one of the best things that God has blessed me with.