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Friday, April 27, 2012

The Stolen Lake, by Joan Aiken

The Stolen Lake tells us what happens to Dido Twite during her attempt to return to England. The ship she is on, being a British Navy Ship, is sent to aid Britain's oldest ally: New Cumbria in South America. It seems that someone has stolen the lake belonging to New Cumbria.

Ms. Aiken manages to weave in many bits of Arthurian legend. I chuckled when I read the names of the natives of New Cumbria, mixtures of Welsh and Spanish names, such as Jose Llewellyn (I made that example up because I no longer have the book with me).

However, I thought The Stolen Lake lacked the charm and light-heartedness of the earlier books in the series. It was hard to put my finger on it, but somehow The Stolen Lake, though resembling the earlier books, did not match their spirit and temper.  I would not, in fact, recommend this book. Though my children enjoyed it.

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