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Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Jumble

Wednesday of this week marked the first anniversary of my first blog post. I had wanted to write a celebratory post about it, but I also wanted to announce some Big News, which I was hourly waiting to hear. As it turns out, I did not receive the news until Thursday, and did not have permission to share the news publicly until Friday, and then had a lot to do in connection with that news. So here I am, commenting on the first anniversary of my first blog post a few days after the fact, and preparing to share our Big News with you. I'm so happy I've blogged for a whole year now! I'm so happy to tell you that my husband has been offered, and has accepted, a job in Washington (state). We moved from there to Phoenix nearly two years ago, and have longed to return to the evergreen state and, yes, even to the rain. Now we expect to be returning to WA in July. But, that leads to a good and necessary consequence: I will almost certainly have very little, if any, time for blogging these next two months. So, do not expect to hear from me until August. Have a delightful summer!

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