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Monday, June 4, 2012

Moonblood, by Anne Elisabeth Stengl

Moonblood is a fantasy novel, in which Prince Lionheart betrays his best friend, Rose Red. Rose Red then gets captured by her wicked goblin father, King Vahe, and held for his evil purposes: to use her to awaken the sleeping children of the Dragon, to raise them up as an army he can use to conquer the world. Will Prince Lionheart acknowledge his mistake? Will he seek to remedy the mischief he has caused? Will he succeed?

I found Moonblood a fun read. I was impressed with both the depth and the breadth of the secondary world created by Ms. Stengl. Moonblood is the third book in the Tales of Goldstone Wood series, with a fourth book due out this fall. I certainly thought that there was room for more stories in Goldstone Wood, and am excited to know that Ms. Stengl has written some of those stories already. I will be keeping my eye out for the other books in the series.

If you like to read fantasy, if you like to wander in Faerie, then give Moonblood a try. If you don't already care for fantasy, there's no hope for you.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on this new author. I went over to Amazon and put her first novel Heartless on my wish list.
    I'm glad you're moving back to the green, green NW but I'll miss your book reviews.