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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The New Road to Serfdom, by Daniel Hannan

This was a more uplifting, heartening read than Steyn's After America. Daniel Hannan is a British member of the European Parliament. He loves British liberties, and believes they are thriving best in America. He wrote the book to warn Americans not to allow their country to follow down the path of socialism that Britain and Europe are skipping down.

I was especially interested to read an outsider's take on America. He pricked the bubbles of many European myths about America (such as, that American television programming is trash in comparison with European television).

He explained that much of the legislation which passes the European Parliament is what he calls 'declamatory lawmaking.' The MEP feel they 'ought to do something about it,' and so they pass a law, whether or not their law will make any difference.

Where Steyn paints with the boldest colors and broadest brushes available to convey the truth of his message, Hannan writes with more precision.

This book lifted my pride to be an American. I'd recommend it to any lover of America.

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