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Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, by Joan Aiken

A children's book I read, not surprisingly, to my girls. Poor, orphan Sylvia Green is going to live with her rich cousin Bonnie. Bonnie's parents are about to leave on a long journey for the sake of Bonnie's mother's health. They have hired a distant relative to look after and teach the girls in their absence. But Miss Slighcarp, that distant relative, is not all that she seems to be. There follows a series of adventures for the two girls, which concludes happily. My girls were enthralled, and I was happy enough to comply with their repeated requests for more, and more, and yet more. They have commissioned me to search out other books by Joan Aiken.


  1. I really enjoy Aiken's books about Mortimer the Raven. And ... Arabella I think is the girl's name? She is very nice but not quite as memorable as Mortimer.

  2. 'The Wolves' is the first book by Aiken that I've read. I'll definitely be looking for her other works. Thanks for the recommendation.