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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Black Hearts in Battersea, by Joan Aiken

The sequel to Wolves of Willoughby Chase, and even better than Wolves. We galloped through this book, because we all loved it. A few of my girls (I think each literate one) read ahead, in spite of strict warnings not to.

I know now why I knew the name Dido Twite even though I hadn't read the book. She's quite the character.

The adventures in Black Hearts are more wildly improbable than the adventures in Wolves. I think we liked the book better because there's an element of mystery added to the adventures.

I must be sure to speak to my husband about adding a large tapestry to our survival kit. ;-)

I highly recommend this book to YA or juvenile fiction readers. I think it would appeal to boys as well as girls, though I only tested it on girls.


  1. We loved the Wolves book as a family read-aloud. Didn't know about the sequel!

  2. Apparently there are twelve books in the series. Only I don't own them, and our local library doesn't seem to have any beyond #3, so I'll have to track them down.