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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Link to Burt Dow


  1. Someone could help me by informing me how to put in that which I've seen on other blogs: a picture of the cover of the book, with the Amazon logo directly underneath it.

  2. Monetize tab, choose Amazon associates. There are a few choices. it give a kind of tutorial on how to set it up and where to place it on your page. When you post the 'Amazon' box will be to the right. You can type in the book title and choose link & Image.

    There are also 'widgets' you can add from the Design tab click 'Add a gadget".

    I have been watching for your posts and I missed all of them until tonight. I'm just going to have to pick a time and make regular visits.

    Hope this helps, Sharon ( Fred's Wife blog)

  3. Sharon, thanks for the instructions. I shall follow them shortly.