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Saturday, June 18, 2011

"Tell Me, Pretty Maiden" by Rhys Bowen

A short post for an acceptable, but not exceptional, mystery. Molly Murphy is an Irish woman transplanted to New York in the early 20th century. She opened her own detective agency in order to make her way in the world. In this book she ends up working three separate cases, which she resolves by the end of the book. Molly was likable. The book is written in the first-person, which I don't prefer, but got used to before long. I thought that the lengths she went to in order to resolve the final case near the end of the book stretched my belief almost too far, except that they did seem in keeping with the somewhat impetuous character of Molly. I would be willing to read other books in the Molly Murphy series. I must commend the author for keeping obscene subjects offstage. Sexuality is present, but implicitly, not explicitly. It was a relief to read a book which contained merely implicit references to sex. A couple of the characters seemed to have suspiciously modern outlooks, but I'm no expert on what mindset most people might have entertained in 1903. As I said at the beginning, an acceptable, but not exceptional, mystery.

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